EDU8114 Reflections

Welcome to 2016! Over the next few months I will use this WordPress to share my journey through the online pedagogy learning experience.

Initial impressions from reading introduction notes and orientation materials are both daunting and encouraging at the same time.

Daunted at the expectation that I should be advanced in my Learning to undertake this subject, at the moment I am hopeful that this is my fourth subject and all should be well, even though I do not have a full education degree behind me I have my nursing educator experiences from the health context that I feel should help get me over the line.

I am encouraged, as to the thought of guidance in creating online learning experiences as is suggest by the course materials and assessment items. That we will be given opportunity to test our prowess on the expectant and discerning course participants (excited to know what others will teach) and the examiner.

The Question that I think will guide my literature search at the moment is:

“Can Augmented Reality enhance online learning experiences?”

Most likely looking at this question from the nursing health care context however as a mum of two this question may still be relevant in many contexts.



Foggy Mornings, foggy brain?

A foggy morning gets me thinking or trying to think of how to clear my head to remotivate myself to complete my MOOC on Learning how to learn. Initially I chose this course as I thought it would help me to focus a little more on the actual process of learning and thus help stimulate blog worthy materials. Unfortunately I failed to realise that it would take up a lot more of my time in my very busy schedule than I first realised. The amazing blogs of fellow students and lecturer take me to so many other places on my learning journey that my mood course gets little time in my allocated learning hours. I have discovered that I love the eclectic network that our blogs have and learning through others experiences. Si is my experience as a learner to successful? I am yet to push myself to reach completion but to say I am learning from other then yes very much so. (Nearly missed my train stop will post more tonight 😁)

About a New semester 2015

About a new journey commencing, sounds like I will be plugged in more than ever this semester, lets hope that the social challenges Tha come with wanting to absorb so much information from my little pocket device, does not interfere too much 😁

EDU8117 This Journey continues on a new Blog called

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Edu5601. Subject number two….

Assignment one all completed, project proposal to prepare for final assessment , thankfully enough research and reading gained some nice marks. The challenge now to continue the momentum into the second Assignment, review a flexible learning program of our own choice

At first I thought this assignment appeared a little easy not realising that the hardest part may have been trying to decide what learning material I needed and then find a suitable course to do.  At first I thought that I may have needed to learn how to cook a Thai meal and looked into possibilities but was wanting a little more than a YouTube clip or recipe book.

Next I thought hey! It would be handing to be able to set up my own website, was fortunate to find many possibilities available and even commenced a short course is creating your own web site, after about half an hour of practice sessions teaching me about lines of code to use in creating said sites I realised that I didn’t this would be something that could help me mover forward and sharpen my repertoire in learning design, so I had to step back and rethink what it actually was that I need to learn?

Before long I started playing around with my copy of Powerpoint 2013 and remembered that I had installed an add in to the program called Office Mix that I had not fully learned how to use so to find out more I redirected myself to – to find the flexible learning experience that could be utilised for my assignment and also get me up to speed in more creative ways to utilised powerpoint……

First subject done and dusted!

Woo Hoo all done for the moment!  Assignment two results finally in such a nervous wait hoping that you got it right as per the criteria.  Very happy with my results considering the challenges I faced in getting it completed.  So many things learnt so much data time wasted, but will be funny to look back at unused video footage of myself, that had to be cut as it caused my entire presentation to fail and would have made it too long.

Next subject on the way…thankfully a few weeks off first from study….

I thought i was complete but alas my ppt presentation is challenging me further. Have to figure a new way to upload this presentation

A Reflection on the process of building a presentation for the “Futures Festival”(university topic) and what I have learnt….. To reflect upon completion is a wonderful feeling, when the job is done and you look back at what you have achieved, then you consider what it is that you are still to learn and grow from. This task I have to admit has been challenging for me. I think that some of my difficulties or perhaps most of those difficulties were due to poor preparation of the First assignment that made developing the content for the Presentation Challenging. I have discovered that there are many ways to present your work but when faced with deadlines and time issues that it may simply be best to stick with what you know, and if you can add a little cordial to change its flavour. This was my choice to decide whether to create a web based presentation or augmented video. Instead I used tried and tested PowerPoint but found a new “patch” called “Office Mix”, which when added to the program, assisted to deliver my presentation as required with Video and Audio components. Beyond the design of the presentation I faced a difficult choice, which technology did I want to showcase? Originally I had at least four technologies but decided to focus on the couple that interested me the most, being AR and Smart Glasses My interest and research of the Blippar, led me to contact the company to request further details, describing to the Blippar team what I had hoped to achieve. I was delighted to receive an answer back that although they are no longer taking on new projects globally, that for projects like mine they would like to discuss further as it is an area they would interested in. Big wins! Hopefully if I can pitch it to the right teams within Queensland Health, this technology will be added to learning modules. The Emerging Technologies presentation allowed me to stretch out my wings into the technology rich world that I am fascinated with. My presentation and those of my class have helped me gain a better understanding of the education theories and some contemporary ideas to consider in introducing these technologies into my teaching field. As I came close to finishing the presentation I decided to create a wordpress website to share my discoveries in technology   Overall with the knowledge gained through this learning process I am keen to implement a modernised approach to education delivery in my field.